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Free Sesame Street Favor Printable – Sharing is Caring

My sister-in-law is planning a Sesame Street/Elmo birthday party for her little guy who’s turning two in a couple weeks. Since I am no stranger to Photoshop when it comes to printing party favor packaging, I offered to help her out. Instead of sending the kiddos home with goody bags full of crap that will either be broken or lost or choked on within 15 minutes, she’s decided that crayons and coloring pages are the way to go. I couldn’t agree more, so here’s what we came up with:

And to celebrate Landon starting his first day back to preschool tomorrow (yaaaaaay!) I’m going to share with all of you! We’ve been trying to work on sharing around here, and what better way to do this than leading by example? In the quest of finding Sesame Street themed party decorations, my sister-in-law was hard pressed to find anything on Etsy that was worth the money. I mean, making custom images and whatnot for people takes time, sure…I get that. However I just can’t see charging anyone a ridiculously inflated price for what took me five minutes to create, and then another five changing numbers. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t making any money 😛

If you’d like to make your own Sesame Street themed party favors, download the corresponding file below – I’ve got one for ages 1-5. If you need a different number let me know – I figured these would be the most popular ages for a SS party. They’re double-sided (I didn’t want to leave them looking unfinished by having a blank backside) so for best results, cut around the long and short edges of each tag (4 to a page) to make a square and fold in half (where the tops of semi-circles meet). Cut out the remaining white space but DO NOT CUT around the very top of the semi-circle, that’s what’s going to hold it all together. Put your crayons in a bag – I used recipe card sleeves* – cut bag to size, then staple your tag on. Done!

*You can use recipe card sleeves as well, or you could probably find cello bags and do the same.

As is, the finished tag is 4.5″ wide. In my printer settings, I fit the image to the page, which made them a bit smaller (about 4.25″). I recommend fitting the image to the page (adds a small border around the edges) so that you don’t run into clipping issues.

I would love to know if you decide to use these for your party, so drop me a comment if you do =) Also, you may feature these on your blog if you wish, but please be respectful and don’t post the direct link to the file, link back to this blog post.

Sesame Street Thank You Favors for:
One Year Olds
Two Year Olds
Three Year Olds
Four Year Olds
Five Year Olds

You can find free SS coloring printables here. If you go there, make sure your volume is down or off so you’re not blaring the Sesame Street jingle through your house at 11 p.m. like I just did. Whoops!

**Several people have asked that I email them the template so that they may customize it with their child’s name. While I’m overjoyed that you all are interested, I don’t have the time at the moment to figure out a way to protect the file from being misused (i.e. sending someone a blank file and allowing them to edit and resell on Etsy, etc.) While I would like to prevent this from happening I understand that personalization is very popular so for a nominal fee of $5 (includes up to 2 children’s names), I will personalize the file with your child’s name and send you the file. The original “Thank You” favor files will remain free as always. Thank you for your cooperation!**

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