Monday, October 3, 2011

From Brassy to Classy and Cheap Babies.

My mom's friend was having a garage sale so we decided to stop by and say hi and MAN did she have some AWESOME stuff!  I picked up an old trunk, a wingback chair and this lamp for the low, low price of $20 (thanks, Linda!)  After straightening up my craft room with my Saint-of-a-Mother's help, I found I had a pile of projects that need to be finished and made a resolution to finish those first before starting any new projects.  Keep your eye out for a series, because I've got LOTS of projects to finish.

Anyway, even though technically this is a "new" project, I allowed myself this one due to the fact that my craft room (where I'll be using the lamp) is insanely dark and it was either fix this guy up or invest in night-vision goggles so I could work in there.

The paint I used was this stuff:

The paint color didn't have a name on the can, but the shelf price tag said Royal Blue.

I didn't do anything special to the lamp prior to painting it, other than cleaning it really well with a scrubby sponge (not one that'll scratch it though) to make sure I got all the dust off.  I also stuck paper towel in the socket so that paint wouldn't get in there and covered other parts that I didn't want to turn blue (like the switch.)  I found the paint and lampshade at K-Mart, which was next door to the thrift store at which I found NO lampshade that was even close to something I'd consider bringing into my house, and I didn't want to drive around anymore.

Cost Breakdown:

Lamp - $6.67
Paint - $4 (but I've got some leftover)
Lamp shade - $18 (better than the $24 Target wanted for essentially the same shade)

Total Cost: $28.67

I was looking around the information highway to see how much a lamp like this might cost me if I bought it new.  My guy has a more than a few years on him but I was able to find a lamp with a similar body from Lamp's Plus, in the center.  After some more perusing, I found another that matched the color, on the left.

It's almost as if they ran away together to Vegas and got married and popped out a baby for a fifth of the price (which never happens because babies=moneysuck.)

Anyhoo, I'm pretty happy with the results, and the fact that my craft room is almost organized. Have you made any small changes lately that have made a big difference lately? Tell me about it!


Kristen said...

YOU are a GENIUS!!! LOVE IT!!!!

On One Hand said...

Thanks Kristen! I'm glad you like it, it really was a simple I'm trying to find other things to spray paint! :D


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